What exactly is electricity. What exactly is magnetism. What exactly is gravity.And no one can tell you. We live with these forces daily, utilise them, and yet we do not fully comprehend them for what they are. Perhaps not until now.

Consider gravity as a flow of pure energy and the earth as a huge magnet with a magnetic north and south. If we sprinkle iron filings at school we get a pattern which seems static, and the iron particles seem set in their place. In fact there is a FLOW of pure energy
outwards from the poles to each other, branching further outwards and then back.
The iron particles would move if they could, which might explain why it is so ridiculously easy to disturb them in a minimal touch of the frame in simple experiments in school.



Project this to the earth, or any planet come to that. We get energy coming out of Magnetic south and flying round the atmosphere to magnetic north. Along the way there are many opportunities to earth and this energy wants to get to earth as quickly as possible, ideally as lightning, otherwise it passes through you and I and anything else in its path on its goal, EARTH. This is why we always earth electrical appliances, it has to have a way to earth or it will not flow, as its one mission in life is to get back to earth.
Occasionally it encounters ferric type objects similar to earth which fools it, and it orbits these instead in a closed system it is happy with, a fools earth or to us a magnet.
Thus a magnet acts as a repository or sort of capacitor for Primeval Earth Energy, or PEE as I shall call it for the rest of this article. These repositories can be rubbed on other similar ferric based objects and some PEE transfers, so they both become magnetised or PEEd. We see from this that gravity, electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing, a Primeval Earth Energy, emanating from the earth, and eventually back to earth.
This intricacies of magnets to electrics and vice versa via power stations is purely utilising this energy before it can earth itself, the magnetic receptors acting capacitor like, earth mimics, to the energy to assuage its headlong flight to earth. In a magnet it thinks it has found earth and then it is liberated by passing a wire in, essentially, so it again flows along the wire and can be used in many forms before actually getting to another magnet or earth, its true destination.

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