I have some very important questions I wish to ask you. DO YOU
HAVE A DREAM? Is this Dream connected with somehow improving
your personal situation or gaining something in your life?

Maybe you just have a feeling lurking around in your head that
something is missing and someday you will find it. Maybe you
have not articulated these feelings to the point where anything
concrete has formed and you really don’t know what it is that
is bothering you. If this is the case my friend you need a
Dream to set you on the path to some type of realization and

Nothing is ever accomplished without a Dream concerning finding
something we do not yet possess. I don’t care what it is or
what you are looking for. Without a Dream to follow, you will
never get beyond the point where you are right now.

Some people say that Dreams are worthless and not practical so
don’t waste your time. Well most good things in our modern life
came about because someone had a Dream and worked at it until it
became a reality. The automobile, the telephone, electricity,
airplanes, computers and almost everything else we now think we
cannot do without. These things did not happen due to luck or
anything else but a person’s dream and the work to make it a


Every one of us wants something. We want to be a better person;
a more popular person; a thinner person; a better job, wealth
and all that can bring, or maybe something simple like a new
house or new car. It does not matter what it is but you must
really want it, dream about it and take the action necessary to
achieve it. Dreams are for everyone at any age, social standing,
economic standing, race or creed. Dreams are for everyone with
imagination enough to visualize the object of that dream.

Daydreaming or wishful thinking just don’t cut it. Daydreaming
or wishful thinking, while being fun, are not productive except
for the entertainment value you may realize from pleasant
speculation. A real Dream can bring pleasure that’s for sure,
however, achieving that Dream involves a lot more than just
thinking about it.

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