Thanks to technological innovations like applications, the daily life of humans all over the world have become comfortable as well as easy.

Food delivery that was earlier restricted with the customer placing a call to the restaurant and giving them the order now has become easier thanks to the presence of the several food delivery applications that are available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store and thanks to the seamless food delivery process of the food delivery apps, the food delivery industry has become a very profitable industry.

According to recent reports, it has been found that the online food delivery business is
expected to have a net revenue of 12.53 billion dollars by the year 2023. The figure itself is enough to prove the promising future that the online food delivery business promises.

So, the question that comes to the mind is what makes the online food delivery business so popular among the consumers, the business owners & the restaurant and the food delivery professionals.

First, the consumers just through a few taps on their gadgets can search through a large number of restaurants that are present and order the food of their choice and then with real-time tracking methods, they can track the food and have it delivered to their doorstep or wherever they may be located.

Second, the business owner and the restaurant can keep track of the orders and the commissions earned by them along with the activities of their customers and the food delivery professionals.

Finally, the delivery professionals can manage all the deliveries made by them and keep track of all their earnings in a statistical or graphical manner.

All these factors together have made the online food delivery business, on a whole popular among the consumers, the food delivery and the business owners, in particular.

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