There are not so many things human beings could live without and among them probably the most important is food. Traditionally, food preferences vary from country to country because practically each nation has its peculiar national cuisine. But, unfortunately, nowadays, the situation is going to change dramatically because of the process of globalization which overwhelms everything even the food industry which tends to unify peoples’ tastes and likes in the sphere of food consumption. The food production and the process of eating itself acquire characteristics of the conveyer. Fast food restaurants gain more and more popularity all over the world and the presence of such giants as McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and many others on the market of the third world’s countries proves the fact that food became a serious part of international corporations’ interests. essays in 24 hours

Naturally, as any other international corporations fast food ‘monsters’ contribute to
the process of globalization and moreover they may be treated as the ‘engine’ of this ambiguous process. We can hardly estimate that this process has only negative side but as for food traditions and food culture we can definitely say so because all national peculiarities disappear with the development of fast food restaurants all over the world. It is already obvious that they destroy national habits in food consumption and in way they change the life style of whole generations of people in different countries even in such conservative ones as China, Japan and many others where international corporation dealing with food industry are in business. buy custom essay

As a part of the process of globalization this phenomenon overcomes all boundaries and spread its influence all over the world making restaurants in different countries alike. As you know it is not a secret that such corporations as McDonald’s are proud of the fact that a person may travel around the world and visit such restaurants without any fear to be confused because the ambiance, products, service here is the same regardless where this or that restaurant is situated. rush essay service

Now let’s speak in details about the role that such ‘mcdonaldization’ plays in the modern world. As for the term itself, I think, it is quite easy to understand that it is one of the neologisms that is going to become generally accepted and usually people use this term in order to describe that rapid invasion of the world’s food market by giants of fast food industry as well as it denotes the fact of changing eating preferences and even the way of life itself. Th

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