Concrete foundations are dug into the earth enabling the structure to be fixed at grade level, eradicating the need for ramps and stairs. On the site, the building will be installed on a preset foundation by fixing it to the ground and to other sections and covering and sealing the seams. These modified buildings tend to meet all declared building principles and are indistinguishable from conventional site-building construction.

There could be different purposes of off-site construction including residential, educational, and health care and various commercial applications. Buildings can range from a few modular units to  hundreds. These structures can arranged is a uniform way and can be modified to suit desired stories.

The best thing about off-site construction is that it brings down project construction cost and time compared to traditional way of building construction. Moreover, the amount of site disruption gets down due to less work being performed on the site. This process is perfect for projects where it is difficult to procure local labour. As most of the work is done in factory, manufacturing efficiencies can be achieved and materials procured in larger quantities.

Another advantage of this process is its higher accuracy as most of the work is done in factory with automated systems which further results into higher sustainability levels. In addition, factory production of composite materials such as SIPS panels (Structural Insulated Panel) can further add to building performance efficiency.

In today’s times, this type of construction is highly employed in rural location and sites with restricted space. Suburban areas are also come under the purview of this kind of construction. Technically, off-site construction is very much similar to modular construction. Due to its higher stability and wider applicability, this type of construction is gaining immense popularity in the construction industry. There are numerous advantages associated with this construction and this is the reason why builders are now switching over it for i

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