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Aquaserve Water Coolers Carbon Footprint Statement

Aquaserve are very conscious of our responsibilities to the environment and are always looking for ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Some of the ways we are currently reducing our Carbon Footprint are by scheduling our deliveries where possible on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis for our most frequent user customers in order to reduce our fuel consumption and emissions.

All of our vehicles are fitted with a Tracker System which allows us to re-route the nearest vehicle to a customer to cover any additional orders received. This not only reduces our fuel and emissions but ensures our customers get the quickest response possible.

Our empty 19 litre bottles are returned to our bottling plant, sterilised and refilled and capped each time they are returned from our customers.

In the event that a bottle cannot be returned for reused we use a recycling company which shreds the bottle and reuses the plastic.

We have also sourced a company that can recycle our customers' plastic cups and information can be obtained via their web site

Aquaserve have introduced a new range of Mains Fed Plumbed water coolers which not only help lower our Carbon Footprint by reducing our usage of plastics and regular distribution services. These units often result in reduced costs to our customers when compared to providing bottled water units.

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